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Mobility innovation center is calling for startups, SMEs and other disruptive business ideas!

What is it all about?

We initiate and support innovation processes in Lithuanian transport companies. We invite you to join our journey and bring solutions to Lithuanian Post, Lithuanian Railways and Road Maintenance operations.

What we are looking for?

We are searching for creative thinkers  and high-growth focused innovation companies to help us tackle wide range of challenges that our companies face.

Why participate?

As a one stop shop we provide all the support from stage one to the access to infrastructure for testing and development of technologies. See an opportunity?

Contact us!

Challenges list

To ensure stations and post offices are easy to navigate for all users, regardless of mobility, vulnerability or other potential accessibility challenges.

  • Navigation inside and outside the railway station (including easy access to restrooms, train platforms, shopping areas and other floors)
  • Assistance to visually impaired and people with reduced mobility
  • Accessible websites and ticket purchasing options
  • Accessible parcel lockers/terminals

For stations to fulfill their role as an integral part of our lives, and to respond to the diverse needs of both users and operators, they need to be smart.

  • Implementation of renewable energy sources inside and outside the stations. Automated energy systems
  • Smart fire fighting, control and monitoring of the building and its parts, technical security systems
  • Air purification in trains and stations, smart ventilation systems;
  • Echo-free passenger audio information system at stations
  • Smart ticketing
  • Passenger flow management software
  • Security assurance
  • Integrated station information display system

Fleet management is a key element for large corporations, such as Lithuanian Railways, to control costs, improve productivity, lower risks and maintain compliance in the most efficient way possible

  • Fleet maintenance predictions
  • Late trains predictions
  • Schedule planning
  • Real-time Cargo tracking
  • Wagon number scanning from a distance

To manage multiple locations, and ensure accurate record-keeping. An inventory solution makes these processes easier than trying to do them all manually.

  • Software to organize and monitor changing inventory in real time
  • Computer vision based method to detect obstacles on rail tracks
  • Fault Diagnosis. Computer vision-based condition monitoring methods

No limitations here. If you have other solution you believe will make a change, contact us and tell us more about it!

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