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First ever Lithuanian Railways hackathon!

JSC “Lithuanian Railways” is the largest corporate group of railway undertakings in the Baltic countries. The company lives on the trends of growth – all the activities of the company improve their results and successfully seek for ambitious goals. However, it is already today that part of the activities has reached the technological ceiling – these areas need innovation. JSC “Lithuanian Railways” together with the Mobility Innovation Center challenge you. We invite you to solve two problems in our hackathon: the planning of the schedules of train drivers and scanning of train wagon numbers. Those are very serious issues today, and we hope to significantly improve the efficiency of these activities, having turned those problems into challenges and having solved them wisely.

Why Are They Seen as Challenges?

1) The planning of the schedules of train drivers for the most part is still carried out by hand, not based on any algorithms or artificial intelligence. So today a lot of time is spent on one task, the planning does not ensure accuracy, does not save the time of neither planners nor drivers.

2) Wagon number scanning from a distance: each wagon has its own identification number that allows you to determine what load it is, where it is travelling from and where it is travelling to. It is not uncommon that freight wagons are dirty, covered with oil and the like. It makes their identification complicated.

Do you have any knowledge or ideas how to solve these problems? Register with the whole team or individually, and accept the challenge to solve the dilemma, which will increase the business performance of JSC “Lithuanian Railways”.

The winners will receive a monetary prize of € 1,500, as well as an opportunity to introduce the idea to the managers of JSC “Lithuanian Railways”.

Register HERE.

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