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Tech advanced stations

Tech advanced stations

Context: modern passengers expect a positive digital experience when travelling, which presents rail operator with a big challenge. Stations are one of the most common places where people gather. Either for traveling purposes shopping or passing by. The traveler passage reaches thousands of people each day. It is very important to ensure that everybody knows the information about upcoming trains, the delays and other related travel information.

Possible solutions:

1) Wi-Fi networks with integrated passenger information system can be used by operators to send out the latest information about changes in train schedules and update about delays. Present information regarding facilities at a station and send out promotions and offers on tickets or refreshments on board.

2) The indoor station mapping has to be comprehensive enough so everybody can clearly see and understand the route to the train perrons and other station areas, such as cafeterias or shops. The leisure areas which have high flow of people has to be well ventilated and cleaned – for instance incorporate cleaning robots as a new efficient and cost-effective advanced technology.

3) As the people moves around and so the trains – each of the minor change challenges traffic control center if something is out of order. It is important to manage the traffic information in real-time, predict other delays and foresee the effect of such cases in each of the station informing the passengers about it as well. So connected station information system is required as well as advanced traffic management solution to the train control center.

4) Smart ticketing solution and the measurement of passenger flow would also give huge advantage in terms of calculating the actual number of travelers.

5) The smart station definition also includes the building infrastructure – it can be smart energy consumption solution using Internet of Things (IoT) connected lighting, firefighting and building security assurance.

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