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“Accessibility in Mobility” – hackathon dedicated to people with individual needs calls for innovation in public transport

A 48-hour Accessibility in Mobility virtual hackathon is organized by Lithuanian Railways and Mobility Innovation Center will be held in May 15-17.

Its aim is to search for and find modern, fast and innovative solutions, which could be implemented without major infrastructure changes, mainly through information technology. 

Ilona Daugėlaitė, Director of the Corporate Governance Department of the Lithuanian Railways Group, who formulated the tasks for the hackathon participants, urges to accept the challenges and find innovative and effective ways to improve rail travel for people with individual needs. 

“In order to adapt rail travel to people with individual needs, including people with disabilities, young families with young children, the elderly and others, we are looking for modern, fast and innovative solutions that can make rail travel services equally accessible to all. We hope that the prototypes created by the participants of this hackathon will turn into real projects that will help people with individual needs to travel more freely and comfortably, to access necessary and relevant information, ”says I. Daugėlaitė. 

“Virtual hackathon is a new format event that invites you to create innovative solutions without leaving home. I believe that this event  is a great start in finding new and innovative solutions in the transport sector. At the same time, we will try to assess how hackathon can become part of innovative public procurement. The European Commission has prepared recommendations, but there are no examples in Lithuania, so it is a great opportunity to open a new page, ”says Julius Norkūnas, Head of the Mobility Innovation Center. 

This hackathon will solve 6 problems – to ensure parking of vehicles for disabled people, to enable visually, hearing and speech impaired people move safely at the station and train without additional assistance and to find the desired objects and services provided to passengers, to shorten the notification time of the planned train journey passengers. 3 challenges presented by partnering organizations of Vilnius City Municipality and SĮ “Susisiekimo paslaugos” are mTicket app adaptation, ensuring assistance in the city for people with individual needs and convenient route planning.

During the virtual hackathon, participants will be advised by a team of experienced mentors, and the jury will be composed of professionals in their field. Also, partners contribute to the implementation of the hackathonthe Forum of Lithuanian Disability Organizations, the Lithuanian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired, the Lithuanian Society of the Deaf, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, SĮ “Susisiekimo paslaugos”, Govtech Lab (MITA initiative), Vilnius Tech Park. 

Continued collaboration is planned with the hackathon winners who will offer the best solution. And the best performing team will receive a cash prize of 1,500 Euros and additional 3000 Euros worth price.  

How to contribute to Accessibility in Mobility hackathon? 

You can participate and register a team, become a mentor or sponsor the event. More information: 

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