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The centre for transport innovations will create innovations in the transport and communications sector

At the initiative of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the companies under its administration establish a public institution, a centre for transport innovations, which will encourage innovations in the transport and communications sector. The centre is already registered at “Lietuvos gelezinkeliai”. It was joined by “Lietuvos pastas” and “Kelių priežiūra”. A little later, the remaining infrastructure companies of the transport and communications sector will join it.

It is assumed that experts from transport and communications companies will participate in the activities of the centre for transport innovations. They will look for opportunities to solve problematic issues, share innovations, create a “Sandbox” platform, designed to test and develop technologies, organise workshops and promote sector synergies, as well as organize investment projects.

“The future of the transport and communications sector is impossible without innovations and new technologies that change the traditional view on transport and communications. For this reason, companies in the sector will open their infrastructure and data. The overall potential of generating and implementing ideas of the sector with creative energy of starters can become very important for the future of the sector”, – said the Minister of Transport and Communications Rokas Masiulis.

According to Mantas Bartuška, director general of “Lietuvos gelezinkeliai”, innovations and their development is one of the main axes of the company’s long-term strategy.

“We are introducing innovations to create a tangible added value for the state. First, we strive to strengthen the safety of passengers, traffic and infrastructure, to find new opportunities to join the synergy of science and business. The development of innovations and environment preservation solutions will allow the “Lietuvos gelezinkeliai” group to become strong and competitive”, – said M. Bartuška.

Soon, other transport and communications companies, “Kelių priežiūra” and “Lietuvos pastas”, will join the centre for transport innovations. Asta Sungailienė, the general director of the latter, claims that innovations will improve working conditions and customer service.

“The new axis of the “Lietuvos pastas” activity strategy is modernization, allowing us to dynamically respond to the changing needs of consumers and, based on market trends, apply new innovation-supported solutions. We robotize monotonous repetitive workflows and provide employees with tablets. Soon, we will be the first of the Baltic countries to distribute electronic bicycles to mailmen. We invest in automated distribution, do everything so that innovations serve to improve working conditions and the customer service quality. In this regard, the contribution to the centre for transport innovations is a natural and logical step in terms of strategy to ensure the future of “Lietuvos pastas”, – said Asta Sungailienė, the director general of “Lietuvos pastas”.

At the same time, Darius Aleknavičius, the director general of “Kelių priežiūra”, claims that the centre for transport innovations will be one of the tools to ensure more efficient company operation.

“We are uniting with the centre for transport innovations to find a way to improve our operations, to become a modern road supervision company. We feel responsible for joining the development of the transport and communications sector, as well as for introducing innovations. This is an opportunity for our company to apply the advanced experience of other companies, to improve the road surveillance quality and to become a leader in road surveillance in the region”, – said Darius Aleknavičius, the director general of “Kelių priežiūra”.

Soon it is planned to conduct an analysis of the projects of “Lietuvos gelezinkeliai”, “Lietuvos pastas” and “Kelių priežiūra”. After the preparation, priority work will be highlighted and the start of the search for solutions will be announced.

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